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Laundry History

Some Unique Laundry History

Did you know that before the 1800s, people would take their laundry to rivers & streams? They would then use rocks or other types of boards to do laundry. Imagine all that time to do laundry.

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What About That Soap?

Curious thought of the day. Did you know that soap can be traced all the way back to 2800 BC? Research shows that Archeologists found different soap like materials found in clay.

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Machine Washing! Who Has Done That?

Back in the 1700s washing by machine was not very common. Machine washing was generally done in private institutions or upscale homes.

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Time To Dry, Time To Dry.

Back then, most drying was done outdoors. Before the modern clothesline, people would dry lay out clothes over bushes, hedges, and sometimes the grass. In the event of severe weather, people would dry indoors high over open flames.

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