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Take Care Of Those New Fall Clothes.

With the weather not really making up its mind, you may be heading to the physical or online store to do some great #fallshopping. Check out some laundry tips on how to launder those new fall clothing outfits.

  1. Before you wash your new clothes, make sure to remove tags, labels, and other unwanted objects.

  2. ALWAYS check the washing symbol. Some fabrics may not be able to be washed in a regular washer. Some may even need to be hand washed or even dry cleaned.

  3. Make sure you wash new similar clothing items together. Also, always wash new clothing separately from your old clothing for the first wash.

  4. Properly load the washer. Make sure not to overfill. If it’s a small load, choose the small load cycle on the washer.

  5. Once clothes are washed, promptly remove & dry on a low heat setting.

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